Training Day

The first Training Day of Fokuses Fitness took place on August 10 at the sports field of the Arigato Sports Club. The training day was led by Hans Hiiuväin, the founder of Fokuses Fitness and an experienced personal trainer, together with Egle-Eller Nabigi, the well-known bikini fitness leader.

Fun sports games were played in the fresh air, and the whole body was given a good workout. A lot of sports stuff was raffled off among the participants, and the best and strongest were also rewarded.

To quench their thirst and replenish their energy reserves, the athletes could try the new flavors of Nocco's sports drinks, and after a hard workout, the chef, who flew directly from Italy, cooked well-deserved healthy Italian-style pizzas for everyone.

After a grueling workout and an invigorating meal, everyone had the opportunity to ask for advice from the leaders in their field on topics such as nutrition, exercise or just a healthy lifestyle.

All members of Fokuses Fitness VIP-Klub receive an invitation to Training Day 2.0. If you also want to take part in our event this time, join our VIP-List and be the first to know when the event will take place.

The number of places is limited!

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