Our Brand

Fookuses brand is for athletes dedicated to training.

We are the first Estonian brand that focuses on the functional properties and cuts of clothes that help athletes train more comfortably. Our sportswear is designed for movements and positions that challenge the body. In our collection you can find products for both men and women.

The founders of the brand are Hans Hiiuväin (personal trainer) and Reigo Neeme (sports masseur). Both entrepreneurs have been involved in sports all their lives and have cooperated with top Estonian athletes.

They have had the idea of ​​an Estonian fitness brand for many years. We saw a need for the Fokus brand in Estonia, because no local manufacturer or distributor of sportswear meets the needs of a serious gym trainer - the clothes cover the muscles either too much or too little, and the cuts restrict free movement.
In addition to designing a high-quality product, the focus brand wants to motivate both veterans and beginning athletes.
We know that the hardest part of working out is getting out of the house.